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Welcome to Banat website...

We aim to introduce our company closer through informing you about our goals, products and news. Banat has been in a part of many consumers daily life since 1947. Cleaning is fundamental to build a completely healthy society, our mission and vision is based on the same fundamental. Our company values quality as primary focus while manufacturing oral care, personal care and household care products.

To create an instutition in global standards, our colleagues are working devotedly, and all processes are held with a focus of respecting people and contributing to society.

In Turkey and global markets, we will continue to design and manufacture our innovative, continuously improving products to ease your life and create better future.

Consumer orientation requires colleagues that are working with a team spirit, supporting each other with a devotion and putting people as a primary focus. Banat employees are connected around this orientation and working constantly to achieve our goal as a global company.

My sincere regards for all.