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Banat Management aims to provide high quality and reliable products and is committed to provide services that will ensure customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the quality goals, the Quality Management System has been established and conducted through ISO 9001 standards.

Since 1998, it continues to change without compromising the principles of “Continuous Improvement”, “Knowledge Sharing”, “Customer Orientation” and “Team Spirit”, in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Certificates.


As Banat, we respect to society and the environment and apply our policies based on this approach;

Vizyonumuz doğrultusunda, sektörümüzde gelişen ve güncel teknolojileri kullanarak; ürünlerimizi ve müşteri memnuniyetimizi sürekli iyileştirmek, geliştirmek ve etkinliğini artırmak için,

• In line with our vision, by using the latest technologies in our sector; to continuously improve and increase the effectiveness our products and customer satisfaction,
• To be a reliable and sought-after company that completely meets the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes by fulfilling the requirements of our quality management system ISO 9001 standards,
• To increase the level of competition by improving our efficiency in line with the continuous improvement and development approach,
• To be a reliable brand by improving product safety,
• To provide trainings and share information so that all employees become more competent and capable of using their skills at the highest level,
• To produce the most appropriate, the most accurate and the most affordable solutions in the fastest way and to avoid nonconformities.

We strive to achieve these goals by preserving our team spirit and achieving this philosophy without compromise.


Önder KAYA

General Manager​