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Banat Bio Clean Toothbrush


Banat Bio Clean Toothbrush

  • Hardness
Bio Clean toothbrush; ıt has to produced with renewable tecnology handle and brush bristles and it produced with international FSC certified, eco friendly packaging.  Bio Clean toothbrush ecofriendly and kind to teeth.
Technical Specifications

Bristle Type: Soft

-Fibers which are %100 bio origin, eco friendly and produced with renewable tecnology help with more effective cleaning. 
-It has an eco friendly ergonimic handle design, made with %95 recyclable, bioplastic material to reduce CO2 emissions.
-Sustainable, international FSC certified, ecofriendly packaging.
-It has protective cap so that you can protect the product hygienic.
Thank you for your contribution to the environment and nature by purchasing this product.